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Embodying Your Brand

Embodying Your Brand

I used to be fully immersed in the corporate world supporting brands predominantly within the travel and food industries and I noticed that distractions, deadlines, and budgets were always draining the life force away from the core values of the business.

As my own business evolves, I am constantly choosing to refine it, checking in with the core essence of what it/I stand for.

There is always an active debate about whether you are your brand, or is your brand separate from you. And for me, my own personal experience of deep self enquiry and being the authentic embodiment of my own brand is the way forward. My brand does hold a very strong imprint of who I am.

People buy your energy, they lean into the journey you have walked, as they are often a few pathways behind you. So I wanted to create a program that helps business owners stay connected to and completely embody their brand.

Why?, because holding space in a spiritual business requires incredible depth and empathy, humility and an unwavering respect for your soul clients. You will journey together through very deep truths, long lost whispers, longings and yearnings.

Transparency and authenticity are daily requirements, but if the boundaries and intentions are not clear, you can lose yourself along the way.

So I created a program that walks you through how to completely become the embodiment of your brand. Through brand clarity, a defined colour palette, consciously selected fonts, and images laying the solid foundation upon which your soul's divine purpose can sit.

And we go much deeper too, this is total embodiment, moving through the energy bodies of your being, from the physical; acknowledging your thoughts, emotions, life force energy and breath, right through to your ultimate destiny.

You will get to know all about yourself at a very deep level so you truly know yourself on all levels of your being.

I am so passionate about empowering you to show up in your business. There are people in the world right now who are looking for you, not just anyone, they are actually looking for you.


I am very passionate about sharing ways to empower you and elevate your life. I've spent almost thirty years diving deep into my own personal transformation and healing and over that time, I have experienced the release of many old patterns, habits, conditioning and limiting mindsets. The ones that can often keep you very stuck in life.

The ones that can lead to intense frustration, fatigue, and overwhelm. The ones if left unresolved can quickly escalate into many forms of disease in the physical body. I am an intuitive healer and Yoga teacher, and I embrace a daily practice that spans nearly 30 years. You will always receive the best of my knowledge and experience when you choose to work with me.

My wish is for you to feel empowered and start to enjoy your unique qualities, some that may have been hidden for many years.


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