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Endometriosis, a painful issue

Is there anyone else out there who struggles with the debilitating condition endometriosis?

March has been endometriosis awareness month, and this condition affects 1 in 10 women.

It not only effects women for one month, but every month of the year and can go on year after year after year.

If you suffer, please remember you are not alone, lots of women do understand and can relate to your pain.

It's a condition I have had for many years, and yes diet and nutrition have really helped me along the way, but my biggest break throughs came when I started to address, deep core wounds that I had been carrying around with me, which at the beginning were all sat in my sub conscious mind, wounds that had been passed down the family line.

Core imprints that were deeply entrenched as a belief, that we are only here to be in service and to suffer, and to suffer alone in silence.

A deep sense of unworthiness, and a strong pattern that it's only safe to exist in the world if you remain hidden from it.

These imprints can feel like a suffocating web that completely restricts you, it's a stifling condition that ultimately leads to incredible rage and anger that are all suppressed.

Hence the debilitating inflammation that goes with the common terrain of endometriosis, it burns like an inferno inside you constantly.

Where do you go with all that pain, how do you process all that anger?

If you want any help releasing unexpressed anger and rage, send me a DM and I can help you begin your journey of personal healing and transformation.


I am very passionate about sharing ways to empower you and elevate your life. I've spent almost thirty years diving deep into my own personal transformation and healing and over that time, I have experienced the release of many old patterns, habits, conditioning and limiting mindsets. The ones that can often keep you very stuck in life.

The ones that can lead to intense frustration, fatigue, and overwhelm. The ones if left unresolved can quickly escalate into many forms of disease in the physical body. I am an intuitive healer and Yoga teacher, and I embrace a daily practice that spans nearly 30 years. You will always receive the best of my knowledge and experience when you choose to work with me.

My wish is for you to feel empowered and start to enjoy your unique qualities, some that may have been hidden for many years.


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