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Your Menstrual Cycle Tracker

There are certain times when you will feel energized and ready to take on bigger tasks and roles and there will be times when you could best serve yourself by cutting back on commitments and just resting. This pattern of energy needs to be observed over a 3 month period to get the best results. You can then begin to see some real patterns emerging and that knowledge will serve you well when trying to plan and commit to all areas of your life.


You do need to note these things down, because typically a lot can happen in 30 days and it is just too difficult to try and remember what you actually felt like or experienced at a certain time.

In my etsy store is a moon cycle tracker, where you can purchase the moon cycle tracker, it has been designed in two different styles. One that is very ink friendly and one that has a full colour floral image embedded. IIt is an instant download and available for immediate use. The beauty is you purchase it once and then you can re print it againa and again for each month of the year.

I just ask that you do not share the download with others but you could suggest to them to buy their own copy.

It links with the phases of the moon and you main notice significant shifts around the new and full moons.



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