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Nature Mandala | Four

We found ourselves on a disused quarry today.

Several footpaths to choose and lots of pleasant smiles and hellos with fellow walkers.

I have always appreciated being in nature and today was no different even though the flora and fauna was distinctly lacking and all quite barren. There was a gentle hum of underground gases seeping up through the earth too.

But it made me appreciate how effective our recycling systems are these days and how our intention now is aimed at saving the land from human abuse.

I learnt a lot about gas collection and in built sprinkler systems. All things I would not have known much about before now.

You can always be learning something new and appreciating the beauty in all things even if it is not so obvious at first.

If you are wondering what this mini blog series is about, it all links to the 28 days of lockdown we are experiencing in the UK right now.

It's a reflection of my daily walks and my mandala creations.

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Mandala Message of the Today:

Appreciate the beauty in all things.

What have you been up to today?


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