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Nature Mandala | One

As we begin another lockdown here in the UK; it starts from 5 November 2020 and it is currently predicted to lift for this phase anyway, on the 2 December, a four week period, 28 days.

So I wanted to commit to a regular practice that brought an element of structure to my day. I decided that I would go for a walk in nature, and either whilst I was out or on my return I would also create one Mandala a day, all created from the natural world around me.

A Mandala is a circle, a symbol.

'manda' = essence and 'la' = container.

A Mandala is a container of essence.

It is sacred geometry, it can also be seen as a meditation device, it carries magical properties and aids in tapping into our higher form of consciousness.

Today, we have been blessed with a bright, and dry day. So the air was still and the light was bright.

I learnt quickly today to let the mandala appear, my creative eye wanted to immediately take the lead but I realised at that point I was living up in my head and as soon as I consciously dropped into my heart the leaves started to guide their placement.

Mandala Message of the Day:

Step out of the way and let what's in front of you unfold.

Would you like to join me?

I'd love to see what you capture out in nature over the next 28 days.


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