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Nature Mandala | Seven

Todays energy has felt really complex, I have been moving between feeling both energised and depleted all within the same space.

I know that the vibrational shifts in consciousness have been very high today, so I have tried to remain out of my mental body and I have chosen to lean into an open and more receptive space.

I find my daily walks are really helping to re harmonise all the subtle energy bodies and often being out in nature can really help us do that.

Todays mandala was created using some fresh cut flowers in a bouquet I had in my home.

If you are wondering what this mini blog series is about, it all links to the 28 days of lockdown we are experiencing in the UK right now.

It all relates to my daily walks and my mandala creations.

You can read about my other nature walks and see my other nature mandalas below.

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Looking back over Week One.

Mandala Message of the Today:

Elevate your thoughts, words and actions


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