Nature Mandala | Twenty Eight

Thats a wrap.

28 days of walking in nature, creating mandalas and really taking time out to listen.

I am so grateful for the experience, I never knew how vibrantly colourful my garden was at this time of year and I have loved all the messages and insights I have received.

My intention was to try to stay as open and receptive as possible.

During this time I have also put the finishing touches to another project I have had on my dream list of things to do, and I will be launching it this Thursday.

Il'l share more tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

Thanks for journeying along with me, I hope you got as much out of seeing the nature mandalas and the reading the nature mantras as much as I have.


If you are wondering what this mini blog series is about, it all links to the 28 days of lockdown we are experiencing in the UK right now. Each day I go out for a walk and on my return I create a mandala.

The above Mandala is 28/28.

Wondering what a Mandala is?

A Mandala is a circle, a symbol.

'manda' = essence and 'la' = container.

A Mandala translates in 'sanskrit' terms as a container of essence.

It is sacred geometry, it can also be seen as a meditation device, and it carries magical healing properties for you and aids in tapping into your higher form of consciousness.

If you meditate on it, the layers and depth of messages it conveys is very healing and transformative.

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