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Nature Mandala | Two

We are on day two of our regular walk in nature. See my intention for the next 28 days here.

These walks are really helping, I go with my husband Jeremy and it has also really been helping him to step away from his work, and brings a welcome break from his back to back calls.

It allows us to chat and the weather has been particularly kind. We have had two days of brilliant sunshine, which is such a contrast from the past few weeks which have been filled with relentless rain showers.

We are both mindful that our daylight hours are short at this time of year, so we are really making sure we are out either late morning or early lunchtime.

Today we were faced with a tight window, we only had 30 minutes, but it was still enough time to get out.

I did not have time on todays walk to gather the leaves and seeds whilst out, but I did have an abundant supply in my garden, so I used those instead.

I should imagine too on a very windy day I will need to bring the mandala inside to create. Mother Nature has a great sense of humour and takes great delight in playing with rolling berries!

I am literally taking each day and see what unfolds. Living yesterdays mantra really.

Mandala Message of the Today:

Allow things to change

I'd love to see what you capture out on your walk today. Share with me in the comments below.


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