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March 5 - 26 , 2023


Gather online for an inspiring four week collective, dedicated to you and attuning to your truth. Nourish yourself with movement, ritual, healing,  connection and visioning for your business and your life. 

We begin March 5, 2023

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Imagine feeling confident, inspired, and fully expressed in your life.

Imagine having clarity and abundant certainty in who you are and what you would like to offer out into the world.

Imagine being able to easily attune and align with your gifts and talents.

Imagine getting to feel fully alive and enjoy getting up everyday to a life of your dreams. No longer hiding behind conditioning that has kept you playing small for far too long.

Over recent times, I have connected with some amazing groups on-line, and I have gained so much from committing to them, and showing up regularly within them. It has been a real gift.


It is amazing what can come from sharing in a sacred space. Allowing yourself to form deeper connections both to yourself and others, inspiration naturally flows as a collective, clarity surfaces and new pathways unfold.

My intention is to create regular opportunities for you to keep connecting back to your truth, so you experience clarity as a visceral felt experience, rather than trying to continually think your way through life.

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See it as a sanctuary for clarity and connection. An opportunity to tune into your body, connect spiritually and share your perspectives and experiences. I passionately believe that this beautiful planet will be a better place when we are all sharing our gifts and talents. We have all come here at this time with a very specific destiny to fulfil, and I care deeply that you are sharing yours.

No longer hiding in fear based restrictions that keep you playing small. 


Your radiance elevates and empowers others. It is time to allow your radiance to be the light that inspires all those you meet.


For this journey, we will have 4 weeks exploring the theme of CONNECT as an embodiment of you. There will be four areas within CONNECT; body, heart, soul and other, which you can explore both personally and professionally.

Week 1 - March 5 -11, 2023

Connect : Body

During our first week we'll focus on where connection is most present in your body. Allow the Yoga inspired movement to lead you. We will be in conversation, journalling and sharing, allowing you precious time to listen deeply and honour what wants to come through.

Week 2 - March 12 -18, 2023

Connect : Heart

During our second week we'll focus on where connection is most present in your heart. 

Week 3 - March 19 -25, 2023

Connect : Soul

During our third week we'll focus on where connection is most present in your soul. 

Week 4 - March 26 - April 4, 2023

Connect : Other

During our fourth week we'll focus on where connection is most present for you to other, be it person, community or your next project

Closing Ritual: Cacao Ceremony, April 4, 2023

Each week, we'll explore these themes through the following sessions: 

Sundays from 16:00pm - 17.30pm GMT

1.5 hour Movement Inspired Class + Divine Healing with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox 

Mondays from 16:00pm - 16.30pm GMT

30 minute Pre recorded Class with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox.

Tuesdays from 16:00pm - 17.00pm GMT

60 minute Essential Oil/Crystal Co-working with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox to allow you time to bring your ideas to life.

Wednesday from 16:00pm - 16.30pm GMT

30 minute Pre recorded Class with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox.

Thursdays from 16:00pm - 16.30pm GMT

30 minute Sacred Space, a sacred circle to focus on the moon cycle or season with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox.

Friday from 16:00pm - 16.30pm GMT

30 minute Pre recorded Class with Raphaelle Sareenah Cox.

PLUS - Recordings will be available to view for all sessions until April 22nd, 2023. 


Investment: £535

Early Bird: £355 - book by February 25, 2023

Current Client: £256 book by February 25, 2023

The membership for the four week course gets you access to:

Movement /Yoga sessions

Essential oil/or Crystal Inspired Co-working

Collective Conversations

Simple PDF prompts

Nature Offerings

Heart Centred Meditations

Divine Healing

Journaling with the moon/season

Virtual Cacao Ceremony

CANCELLATION POLICY: There are no refunds available for Embodiment//Connect.

Ready to join us?

Let's gather together to nourish and be nourished and help bring you more clarity and connection into your business and your life.

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