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Welcome to The Transformative Studio, a place to find support and empowerment in your business and life.


I'm Raphaelle Sareenah Cox, founder of The Transformative Studio, I am a Designer, Intuitive Healer, and Yoga teacher.

I specialise in working with business leaders, within all areas of their professional and personal lives.

Raphaelle Sareenah Cox

I have run my own design consultancy for over 20 years, and I choose to live my life with the ethos of embracing transformation every day.


It has gifted me with a better understanding of life and its experiences. It has helped me to be more grounded in my business and more trusting in myself and my connections. And I would love to hold the space for you to do the same.


I am very passionate about sharing ways to empower you and elevate your business and life.

I've spent almost thirty years diving deep into my own personal transformation and healing, I have studied, Yoga, Ayurveda, Divine Healing and the Art of reading your Soul Contract. And over that time, I have experienced the release of many old patterns, habits, conditioning and limiting mindsets. The ones that can often keep you very stuck in life.


The ones that can lead to intense frustration, fatigue, and overwhelm. Which if left unresolved can quickly escalate into many forms of stagnation, especially physical disease in the body.


I have a personal passion for practicing Yoga which spans for over 3 decades and have also taught in regular classes for over 10 years. I am committed to continual business and personal development, so you will always receive the best of my knowledge and experience when you choose to work with me.


My wish is for you to feel empowered and to enjoy thriving in your business and life, embracing all your unique qualities.

Raphaelle Sareenah Cox
Raphaelle Sareenah Cox

Your graceful nature, willing and sensitive heart is such a joy to be near



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Let's connect, if you'd like to talk through your brand, business, or your soul destiny, book an elevate your brand call with me, using the link below. It's going to be a great conversation, I'm looking forward to meeting you.

I love your work! It just enhances my personal brand and brings it to life. It's amazing how you can tap into my essence and find ways to create images that reflect that energy. You really are gifted in this area.


Alluring, creative captivating. You have beautifully captured the essence of my soul brand. The graphics are visually and aesthetically stunning.


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