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A beautiful, harmonising and rebalancing daily meditation


 In this guided meditation, I share with you a technique that was originally brought to us by Archangel Ariel channeled by Tashira Tash-Ren. It is designed to train your chakras to stay open and connected multi-dimensionally. The Unified Chakra creates a ball of light that allows you to handle higher frequencies and acts as a protective shield. When all your energies are aligned and connected, it is much easier to live Heaven on Earth.


By practicing the Unified Chakra regularly, you will train the different parts of yourself to merge, making you more present and able to follow your Spirit with each breath, and with each step.


It takes 2-3 weeks of regular practice for this to start occurring. It is best done in a sitting position with the spine vertically aligned. I suggest you practice this daily. It is important to feel what is going on at each stage. This is not a visualisation technique. As you progress in the meditation, you will feel your consciousness expanding.

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