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The Chakra System

Today I wanted to introduce you to your seven basic chakras.

I personally feel they are an area that requires continuous exploration. Why? Because they each hold a key to unlocking an aspect of our being that may have become stagnant or blocked. If you have experienced any form of trauma, or persistent anxieties that leave you in a constant state of pain or emotional flux then the chakra system could be a great starting point to try to isolate where in the body you could benefit from some transformative healing.

Often we can not describe how or why we feel like we do, but the body has a vast wisdom that will guide you towards a more specific understanding of where you seek change.

When we are considering our own healing we have to view our being as a complete holistic whole. Nothing works in isolation, we are constantly adapting to our environment both internally and externally. From the food we eat to the company we keep, it is a constant source of adaptation and alignment.


Chakras are also referred to as energy centres. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc. They are intense and powerful vortexes of energy but remain predominately subtle and intangible.

Both in and around you there is a life force called prana or chi. We are constantly interacting with this energy. This energy is utilised by the chakras and each chakra is located along the spine.

The human body functions within a matrix of energy vortexes and understanding the chakras will help you flow more easily with your life.

The seven main chakras are called:

Muladhara - the base/root

Svadhisthana - the sacral

Manipura - the solar plexus

Anahata - the heart

Vishuddhi - the throat

Ajna - the third eye

Sahasrara - the crown

These energy centers or vortexes can so easily become blocked by long held tensions. These transformational energy centers continually receive, absorb and distribute life force energy.

When I first embarked on my yoga teacher training I thought the aim was to align all the chakras in a row at their optimum frequency and then all would be well and healed. But I soon realised that the spinning of these energy centers is one of constant change, there is no pause in their function, it is a case of tending to your whole being in any given exerience and consistently and compassionately checking in with your self on a regular basis.

The sheer experience of living life requires us to constantly engage and interact, connect and share in the world around us, so we naturally will become affected by our environment in every moment, but we can decide how much we choose to be consumed by it and how much of it we just observe. The choice is ours.


The chart below will help you in a fun way to highlight in simple terms any imbalances within each chakra.

Answer each question on the graphic below based on how you have been feeling generally in recent weeks.

Each answer will be represented by a dot.

Then score your response on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest score.

10 reflects a state of complete fulfilment/satisfaction and 1 would reflect feelings of being unfulfilled or a lower frequency/negative response.

Once all areas have been answered join up the dots.


An indentation within the circle will reflect an imbalance in that area/chakra. This in turn presents an opportunity to change and work towards rebalancing this area of your life.

So for example in the completed chart above, there is an imbalance in this persons Sahasrara Chakra - the crown chakra ( the purple dot) and the Svadhisthana chakra - the sacral chakra ( the orange dot). The others areas are all fairly evenly balanced.

So for this person it would be good for them to begin looking into these specific areas. A deficient chakra is not receiving or manifesting so there will be a sense of either being physically or emotionally closed down. This person would do well to consider how they feel about taking time out for themselves, checking in with their approach to letting go and their adaptability to accepting change.

They could also at the same time look into their spiritual development and acknowledge any desire to increase the functions of their higher mind. They could subconsciously be calling out for a more fulfilling approach to life but be overwhelmed by materialism.

I would love to know how you get on. Let me know the areas that came up for you as an imbalance.


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