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Nature Mandala | Six

Today it felt like a real power walk..

Most days our walks have been for only 30 minutes but today there were no meetings scheduled so we had longer.

The sun was beaming down and it was so hot, I was far too over dressed.

It is turning into quite a work out and so I think I need to start dressing more like I am about to do some exercise.

Its great for a good stomping through the mud, last nights rain has created quite the mud bath on most paths but its a lot of fun fast walking down a muddy hill.

It really teaches you to trust and surrender.

I am hoping we get another hour together tomorrow, you can cover quite a lot of ground in 1 hour.

If you are wondering what this mini blog series is about, it all links to the 28 days of lockdown we are experiencing in the UK right now.

It all relates to my daily walks and my mandala creations.

You can read about my other nature walks and see my other nature mandalas below.

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Mandala Message of the Today:

Trust and Surrender


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